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Kind words from our friends and participants

Here are some personal examples from people using Bio-Kinetics ReSet and what they have experienced:

 "Taking this training has given me far more than I ever expected. I have been able to keep my emotional equilibrium through a very serious critical care phase of a close family member.  I can now sleep through the night, which was impossible before taking this training.  My vision has improved so much so that I must have my prescription changed, and I was able to resolve a running injury in 2 days, myself, whereas in the past it took at least 2 weeks to recover.  To be able to help myself, and not need to run to the doctor has been very empowering.  In the past 25 years, I have taken many self help programs related to stress and well being.  Nothing I have taken in the past gave me the know how and ability to work on my physical health, including doing allergy elimination work on myself. The processes for addressing emotional stresses, past and present, are more immediate and thorough than any I have ever experienced. Anyone who really cares about becoming healthier, enjoying more out of life, and understanding more about the body-mind connection should take this training!"
- Kelly Wilbanks, R.N., Lake Havasu, AZ
"In one week with Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T., I cleared myself of a 15 year dairy allergy, myself!  I am more centered and positive in my classroom of 1st and 2nd graders.  I can be more pro-active with them, instead of reactive, which is now a win-win!  This training is something I can easily use for the rest of my life! I recommend it to everyone!"
- Grace Poole, Perris, CA
"Almost daily for three years, I used to have extremely high levels of anxiety and panic attacks. I was terrified to drive my car. Since learning and using Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T., I am more calm and relaxed and now drive with ease and confidence. In addition, this program has helped me recover from a fall on my knees; helped me clear up a virus; and I use it whenever I get an emotional upset to quickly restore calm."       
-  Marcella F. Trujillo, Carson, CA


“I have been having trouble with my right shoulder, with numbness and sharp pain after lifting, for several years. At one point rotator cuff surgery was recommended. I responded well when my doctor used the Bio-Kinetics process on me, but since starting the Self Care program, I’ve been able to take care of it myself. I have found that the big advantage in Self Care is immediate, you can begin treatment right away, and you aren’t limited to when you can make an appointment.”

- Perry Miyake

“I had an emotional problem and couldn’t get over it for about a week. Using Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T., I was able to talk to my family, air my problem to them and face it. This is the first time that I have ever found myself in such a dither and able to overcome it by not being upset and brooding. It is wonderful that I am able to clear myself and face my problems.”

- Ruth Lee

“My left knee was constantly painful and tender from a recent injury. The day after clearing it, my knee felt 90% better. This is a great simple program that anyone can learn.”

- Gregg McKinney


“For the past fifteen years, my husband has been treated for sleep apnea with some success, but nothing seemed to be helping him completely. He stops breathing while asleep. He’ll exhale and, after a long moment, he takes a loud sharp intake of breath and wakes me up. Since the very first time doing the Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T. routine, my husband has slept normally through the night, AND SO HAVE I.”

- Janet Lee Miyake


“I can’t believe the range of motion I have now. The knot in my neck is gone since using Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T.”

- Joyce Cooper



“I have eliminated the discomfort and pain in my spine and hip area. When it (the pain) returns, it is usually from lots of sitting. I can easily use Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T. and relieve the pain now. I also have more energy.”

- Gloria Werbe


“My name is Barbara Wastl from Eagan, Minnesota. Four months ago, I was hospitalized, again, for treatment of a chronic condition I have had since I was 20 years of age, Crohns Disease, a serious infection and inflammation of my large bowel. I am 32 years of age. The doctors told me that I required the removal of my colon, or I would die. I have already had 21 inches of my intestine removed 8 years ago. I have had chronic diarrhea for years, but now I was experiencing several abscesses throughout my colon, with 2 penetrating the colon wall. A drain was attached to allow the poisons to drain out of my body. I was bloated and literally starving… The pain in my body was so severe that I could barely tolerate being touched, and was medicated with pain relievers…. I was very weak, barely able to walk on my own. The skin on my hands was cracked and peeling, and my fingers had open sores. I had not had a normal bowel movement in at least 3 years. I am 5’9” and weighed 90 pounds when I checked myself out of the hospital and we traveled to Dr. Newsum’s office. I received care every 10-15 minutes. The process he developed stimulated brain function and increased nerve and energy flow throughout my system. I was surprised that I did not experience any appreciable discomfort from the work being done on me. Every aspect of my health was considered and addressed. Dr Newsum taught my husband, also a doctor, how to work on me, and he continued my care throughout the night. By the next day, I was pleased at the changes. I was more physically flexible. The abscesses continued draining. By 9.00 a.m. the abscesses were almost completely drained. Within a few hours, I had my first normal bowel movement in over 3 years. Dr. Newsum continued working on me all morning. We went to lunch and I was able to eat and hold down my food. Even during lunch, the doctors continued to check and work on me as needed. By the next morning, it was the first time in months that I felt like dressing up. I was able to do yoga stretches and had more flexibility than ever before. This letter was written 3 months after my visit to Dr. Newsum’s clinic in California… My medical doctors are amazed and do not understand how I could have improved so quickly and thoroughly. They report that all my blood chemistry is normal, and I am assimilating my food and have gained 20 pounds. These were the same doctors that told me 3 months before that I would be dead within a few months without removal of my colon. I just hope and pray that others will understand that the body that God gave us is capable of recovery from anything when all of its parts are working normally! Bio-Kinetics can make miracles happen!”

Note: It has been over 10 years since Barbara told her story above, and by continuing to use the Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T. process she has had no recurrence of the symptoms of Crohns Disease. Her body chemistry, digestive and elimination systems continue to function normally.

- Excerpts from a letter from Barbara Wastl - Eagan, Minnesota



“For the past 7 years, my diet has been limited to 6 food items. Whenever I attempted to add other foods into my diet, I would experience rashes, shortness of breath, congestion, and stomach and intestinal pain. I had been unable to consistently work due to chronic fatigue. After coming under Bio-Kinetics care, my doctor identified and cleared me of 19 food and environmental allergies, including peanuts. I have been eating anything I want and feeling great! I have been playing volleyball and golf. My stamina and endurance have returned and I am looking forward to my upcoming wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii."

- Dominic Infante, Lomita, California


"I had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and unable to work. I have been feeling anxious, depressed, and hopeless. Unable to sleep with insomnia. My son suffered a brain injury and major life changes included my fathers death and being disowned by my mother. I had physical pain in my legs a lot of the time.

One year after being under care with my Bio-Kinetics doctor, I am happy most of the time. I sleep well 98% of the time and fall asleep easily. I am working almost full time and enjoying what I do. My relationships with others and myself are good. I feel clear when making decisions in my life now, and rarely have pain."
- E.S., California

“February 5, 1991, I was diagnosed with a tumor on the left 3rd ventricle of the hypothalamus. The tumor was the size of a pea, but my symptoms were severe headaches, visual problems, confusion, difficulty concentrating, almost no sense of taste, no sense of smell, and the experience of being in a vacuum when I would lean my head forward. My symptoms persisted and my eyesight worsened. Radiation and chemotherapy treatments were intolerable, so they were discontinued.

On August 31, 1999 I began Bio-Kinetics treatment. A few hours after the 2nd treatment, I vomited blood and blood clots. I continued the treatments anyway and I was happy with this phenomenon. I associated this reaction with the elimination of the tumor. I had often visualized this scene. There was some bleeding again on a few occasions, it never lasted long and I always felt relieved afterwards.

I vomited blood for the last time at the beginning of December 1999. By mid December, I started to get my sense of taste and smell back. February 1, 2000, I had a scan done. The report indicated “the cerebral densitometry is homogeneous. No evidence of a hemorrhagic spot or mass effect – Normal examination. The tumor was gone!!!

I hope that the science of Bio-Kinetics becomes better known throughout the world.”
- JG, Quebec, Canada

“My name is Jim Curton, I am an insurance agent in Torrance, California. Until 3 years ago, I suffered from virtually every allergy you could imagine from the time I was a child. It seemed like everything caused me to breakout in hives and skin rashes. I could hardly eat any normal food, and I had to order special food. I was on all kinds of medication and my health was declining. I was being seen by the top allergist in Southern California, who was at his wit’s end to find some way to help me. I had tried herbs, vitamins, chiropractic, acupuncture, and every method I could find, including allergy shots and medication. Some things would help for a while, but never completely, and my symptoms would be back in a few days to a week. I asked the doctor what was in store for me and he told me that it looked like I would end up in a plastic bubble for the rest of my life. You see, I had already had the mucus membranes in my sinuses removed and used a spray to keep my sinuses moist (the doctors had removed 2 surgical bowls of polyps).

In addition, I was experiencing a sharp, stabbing pain in my chest when I moved in certain ways or tried to straighten up. This was a result of an auto accident that happened when I was 14 years old and I am now 57 years of age.

My final problem was the result of a hernia operation that I had five years ago. The plastic membrane they put in my pelvis area had torn loose and left two holes in my pelvic area. It was uncomfortable, but I did not want any more surgery, so I ignored it. The bad part was that it was affecting the nerves to my genitals and they were starting to draw up and shrink. This was pretty frightening for me.

Within days after starting under Bio-Kinetics care, my rash subsided and I began to feel stronger. I learned the self-care process and within a few months all my other symptoms were gone or greatly reduced. I am now allergy and pain free and I feel like a 19 year old. I have been able to eat anything I want, and I can go anywhere I want, and do anything I want – It is wonderful to experience this freedom for the first time in my life.”

- Jim Curton, Torrance, CA


“My name is Wesley Jackson. I am a chiropractor, 71 years of age, practicing in Florence, Alabama. Four years ago out of desperation, I attended a Bio-Kinetics Training Seminar, hoping to help my own health. I say out of desperation because I was in the advanced stages of diabetes, with severe diabetic neuropathy in both feet. I had already had two toes amputated, and was scheduled to have two more removed. The pain of standing or walking was excruciating. I wore special padded shoes to even walk a few feet.

Additionally, I had very high blood pressure 220/140, and was on the verge of bankruptcy, having been unable to work for over a year.

During the seminar, while being treated several times as a demonstration for the other doctors, I began to experience changes. I was amazed at the improvement I had just during those two days.

A major benefit of the Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T. process is being able to help oneself. After returning home, I continued to use the Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T. procedures on myself as often as I could. I swear before God, that within two weeks I could stand and walk for hours pain free. Within one month I began seeing patients and within two months my blood pressure was 140/80 and has remained normal for these past 4 years.

Bio-Kinetics gave me my life back! My health has improved, and I have the stamina to work again and help others with this incredible, cutting edge technology.”

- Wesley Jackson, D.C., Florence, AL

“I recently had a death in the family (a close cousin), and through Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T. I have been able to get through the grief and pain easier.”

- Shirley Bogan


“I used to take Ibuprophen regularly every day for headaches, arthritis in my thumbs and back pain. Now I NEVER need it. I don’t need Rolaids for foods anymore either. I seem to be avoiding flu’s and colds around me. All this since receiving Bio-Kinetics care. I recommend it for everyone.”

- Joan Presetti

“Daily, I experience new improvement. Sometimes they are minor activities, but to me they are major accomplishments. Last night, I sewed a button on a blouse. I cannot impress on you how thrilled I was. I haven’t been able to do this since my stroke. I know that using Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T. is responsible for these improvements.

My mind improves daily, for which I am very pleased. For example, I would need to see movies twice in order to understand them. Last time I saw a movie, once was enough. If I receive information that is unfamiliar to me, I only need to hear it once and I get it. I often do not have to look at my calendar, because I now can remember appointments.”

- Excerpts from a letter from Phyllis Leighton – Stroke victim

“My physical stamina is greatly improved. I couldn’t work a full day, now I work 10 hours and have energy left over.”

- Patricia Ann Davis


“I feel emotionally stronger.”
- Teri Bogan

“I had a rash all over my body that didn’t clear up. It began after taking antibiotics and eardrops. After I cleared some of my organs, my kidneys, my liver and my adrenals, my rash cleared up.

My night vision was pretty lousy. After the first night, my eyesight improved dramatically.

I scar very easily. 3 days ago, I scratched my arm deeply on some metal. The scratch was about 7 inches long and began to swell up and turn red immediately. I have been working on it with Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T. and now it has healed to less than about an inch and barely noticeable. Without Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T., I know this would have taken much longer to heal, and left me with a scar.”

- Excerpts from a letter from Kathleen Davis


“I am experiencing improved visual acuity, mental focus, and more emotional calmness than I have had in years.”

- Jeff Simpson, D.C.


“I had a root canal recently due to an abscess. The doctor said that the tooth would be sensitive with some pain on biting down for about two months. I kept doing Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T. on the gum area and after a week, there was no longer any pain on biting down. Also, the recovery from the root canal was comfortable.”

- Reuben Branfman

“I have had so many miraculous changes since using Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T. that I can hardly believe it. When I sat down to write this, I was amazed at just how much it has touched every aspect of my life.

I have stretch marks from having two children and the marks are fading so much that my husband has noticed.

I have a scar on my stomach from a surgery I had about 10 years ago. It has felt hard and sensitive, and since it went around my bellybutton, that was painful also. Since Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T., the scar is fading and getting softer, and my bellybutton no longer hurts.


My skin has been very dry and sensitive since I was in the first grade. I have always had to use moisturizer after every bath. For the past three years, I have used a special soap and moisturizer to keep my skin from itching and developing dry spots. It was hard to believe when, about a month ago, I was in a hurry and did not use my moisturizer and did not itch or hurt. So I have been using the regular soap that the rest of my family is using and only moisturizing in the mornings.

I have bunions on both feet. The bunion on my left foot is almost gone and the one on my right foot is getting better each week, and I believe within a month or so, it will also be gone.

I have had allergies that would wake me up at night and my eyes would water, swell and burn. My nose would run and get stuffy. My throat would begin to hurt from all the drainage. I am still not sure what all I was allergic to, but since I cleared myself using Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T., I have mowed the grass, and my neighbors have cut and moved hay, and I have not had an attack. Boy, it is a great feeling to not have allergies when everyone else is walking around with their tissues, and there I am with clear sinuses.


My Chiropractor took x-rays of my neck and informed me that I have the worst neck of a 30 year old that she had ever seen. After 6 weeks of Bio-Kinetics care, the curve is coming back in the upper part of my neck.

There is much more that I could write about, and I am continuing to use the procedure on myself and feeling better and better each day. I would highly recommend that everyone learn this process. I could not live without it.”

- Excerpts from a letter by Shawna Wilson

“It took quite a while to clear the word ‘Betrayal’. I felt a lot lighter afterwards. A lot of release took place, my outlook towards certain people and situations changed after this.


Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T. is a powerful way to be in control of the way you feel and to change what was once considered unchangeable conditions.”

- Neal Vorndran


“Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T. helped clear my headaches, muscle cramping and swelling due to chemical exposure.”
- Brett Howard


“Very Powerful! My vision for reading is greatly improved. I can read without glasses, yesterday I couldn’t.”

- Greg Heywood, D.C.


“The best tool yet to have quality living.”

- Judy Curton


“For approximately 2 years, I have had three small cysts. They continued to stay the same since. Last Wednesday, I just happened to notice that two of them were gone, and the largest one was much smaller.”

- Carolyn Marshall

“Work is overwhelming, but emotionally I feel positive and not stressed out. People have noticed that I am not moody anymore.”

- Joan Presetti

“I love being able to resolve my neck pain and backaches in minutes with Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T. I am so happy to be able to take care of it myself.”

- Pollyana Infante, Bullhead City, Arizona



“I am grateful that after radical cancer surgery of my throat, tongue and palate I have been able to use Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T. to speed my recovery and improve my speech abilities. I am very hopeful about my future.”
- Jim Street, Long Beach, California


“Because of Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T., my energy has returned, and my symptoms associated with Lupus are gone. I recommend this to everyone who cares about regaining their health.”
- Sharrion Payne, Jefferson, Indiana


“Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T. is remarkable. To be able to take care of myself has saved me thousands of dollars in doctor and hospital visits. I am happier and healthier than ever before.”

- Cheryl Waterman, Torrance, California


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