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ABOUT Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T.

Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T. is a new and unique approach to helping you experience vibrant, natural and inner-directed health. It is the only patented process that teaches you how to release your own hidden and unresolved reactive stress memory patterns that are interfering with your body’s health and vitality, allowing your body to naturally heal itself and maintain optimum vibrant health. It works on all four types of reactive stress patterns including physical, emotional, chemical and electromagnetic.


Bio-Kinetics Re.S.E.T. is the official self-care version of the Newsum Bio-Kinetics Health Restoration System discovered and developed by Dr. Lawrence E. Newsum, D.C. and taught to doctors from all over the world since 1993. It does not treat or cure anything, but works by gently releasing, retraining and reeducating the neurological circuits inside your brain and body that are storing reactive stress memories. Using the patented and FDA registered New-Stim device developed by Dr. Newsum, which simply gives a very small mechanical tap or click, you learn how to send information and stimulation into your brain to interrupt these memory patterns. Done correctly, the brain quickly lets go of the reactive stress and tells your body it is no longer in danger, allowing it to begin to naturally heal itself. The results have been absolutely amazing.

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