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About us

Dr. Lawrence E. Newsum, D.C.


Dr. Lawrence E. Newsum, D.C., is the discoverer and developer of the Newsum Bio-Kinetics Health Restoration System, also known as the Bio-Kinetics Health System. With a curious mind, researcher’s heart and relentless spirit, Dr. Newsum has made significant discoveries and insights about how the body heals and stays healthy, and combines them all into this unique health restoration system.

Michele E. Newsum, D.B., M.MSc.


Michele E. Newsum, D.B., M.MSc., is co-founder of the Newsum Bio-Kinetics Health Restoration System and executive director of Newsum Bio-Kinetics Seminars for health-care professionals. Mrs. Newsum is the first lay person to use this process for her own self care, and over the years she has helped pioneer and teach many of the self-care procedures you will learn in this program. She has been the exclusive trainer of self-care to health care professionals in the professionals training seminars since the inception of training. She brings to this program a depth of knowledge, insight and compassion that encompasses a broad range of healing possibilities.

Dr. Donald J. Baune, D.C., D.A.C.N.B.


Dr. Donald J. Baune, D.C., D.A.C.N.B. worked extensively alongside Dr. and Mrs. Newsum during the development of this process and has helped teach it to doctors from all over the world. With his expertise in functional neurology, he has helped combine these discoveries with the latest in neuroscience to bring about the most scientifically advanced self-care health system ever developed.


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